1. Little White Lines
2. Can’t Stop Looking at You
3. Deep Dark Hole
4. Lost and Spaced
5. My Baby
6. In the Rain
7. All I Do
8. Foreign Accent Syndrome
9. These Old Blues
10. I’ve Just Got To

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We finally convinced The Trap Dorz to make an album!

The brain behind the band is the multi-talented Andy Hollinger, who's probably played his eclectic collection of guitars on 50% of our releases.

We've both been involved in a lot of albums over the years. Every now and then I'd get an MP3 from Andy that he had written, and he'd ask me what I thought of it.
I thought every one of those songs were wonderful, so I started bugging him for an album.

You can imagine my surprise when Andy recently sent a photo along and asked if I could prep it for his upcoming album!

This is a great collection of well-written songs, both musically and lyrically, from someone who knows his way around a guitar neck.
Music for grownups, it belongs in your collection. What are you waiting for?

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