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Now available - "Thursday Morning 3AM" - another long-form ambient Doctor X video!

This video is kind of blu-ish, and has a wonderful background wash of a gentle rainstorm in surround sound. I recorded the rain on my back porch at 3am on a Thursday morning (hence the title - it's not a reference to Simon and Garfunkel's first album). I knew the rain was coming, and 3 to 4am is about the only hour around here that's devoid of traffic noises.

I tried using a ZOOM H4 handheld audio recorder; it has four microphones on the top, two facing forward and two facing rearward. It can record at 24 bits in surround, so I gave it a shot. When I heard the playback on the studio monitors, it was as close to being in a rainstorm as I've ever heard in my life (next to being in an actual rainstorm, of course). It inspired both the dark night-blue background of the video as well as the simple synth tones that sound like very large raindrops falling very slowly.

Ambient music was pioneered by Brian Eno, who says (I'm paraphrasing him) that he was in a car accident and laid up in a hospital bed with nothing to do but think. One afternoon he asked the nurse to turn on the radio to a classical station. She complied and left the room, but Eno found that the music needed to be turned up - he was hearing too much noise from outside the open window and from the corridor. But he was laid up and didn't want to call the nurse back, so he just laid there listening to the sounds of his environment with a wisp of music floating in and out through it, which really helped him chill out.

You don't really listen to ambient music; it's just there as part of your environment. But it can really change your environment for the better (as long as it's not annoying or grating; I've heard some of that, and it's a drag). Knowing that, I found out something about ambient music after completing this disc - rain is a very soothing sound when it's dark outside or if it's a rainy day, but if you put this disc on quietly in the background on a sunny day, it's jarring to see the sun outside and hear the rain and thunder at the same time. You just can't relax your brain while that's happening!

This disc was actually finished back in March. I remember recording the rain on Thursday morning and having a test disc ready by Monday, but then Trump gave his address to the nation warning us of the severity of the looming coronavirus. I remember seeing him read from a sheet of paper in the manner of a third-grader who has to read a difficult passage in front of the whole class when he really didn't want to, and the next morning there was a general panic at the supermarkets. Everything in my brain went out the back door at that point, and I finally realized this week that this disc had never been released. Duh.

I hope you enjoy this bit of calming music and visuals. It's available as a 24-bit surround-sound bluray, a 24-bit DTS surround / 24-bit stereo DVD, or a shorter (free) downloadable HD video.

We're offering either physical disc for $9.99, shipped anywhere in the US. (Sorry, no international orders). If you want a downloadable video, go ahead and right-click on the above 10-minute video and download it for free.

Enjoy - and chill out!

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